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Kids confidence

There is a lot of push at the moment in schools for increasing motor skills for kids , There are some children who just naturally struggle with this where others seem born coordinated .
Its a good thing that schools have taken this on as being uncoordinated can really effect our kids confidence and as we all know especially us with children that confidence in our children is important for them to be happy and avoid unfortunate issues like bullying in school and out .
I have found out first hand as a martial arts instructor for many years that children who have trained with me have aquired better motor skills very quickly through there training as balance and coordination is the basis of all martial arts .
My most personnel experience came with my son who at 5 years old had no confidence and very little motor skills , even struggling to catch a ball , so i did the only thing i could think of and enrolled him into my kids classes he enjoyed training and kept it up for 3 years , the change was massive in both his issues of confidence and coordination , unfortunatly for me he then took on a great interest in football and has used those motor skills to become quite a good little player , 

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